Any road will take you there

This whole business of ‘new year, new me’ doesn’t exactly inspire personal evolution, but rather an expectation of revolution. The date on the calendar has changed, so now we’re a new version of ourselves? I call BS.

Last-minute Christmas gift ideas for me (I mean for her)

Every year, my mom asks me for Christmas gift suggestions, and every year I wait til the last minute to give her any. Thank goodness for rush shipping, right? If you’re also looking for last-minute, stylish gifts for the lady in your life — mom, sister, friend, significant other — keep reading because I’ve got you covered!

I got a Halloween head

I’m not the biggest Halloween fan. I’m afraid of scary movies, I don’t like candy, and the thought of going out dressed as a slutty nurse/cop/bumblebee/axe murderer makes me incredibly self-conscious.

My name is Rachel, and I’m addicted to podcasts

No matter what the outfit, when I’m on the go — taking my dog out, shopping, heading to dinner — I’m wearing my earbuds. Often I’m listening to music (and no, it’s not always Ryan Adams), but more recently, I’ve been binging on podcasts.

Dreams be Dreams

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had some strange dreams. In one, I went to the airport with my sister to travel outside the U.S., and when we got there, I realized I had forgotten my passport. It was at home, and if I went back to get it, I’d surely miss my flight, and the trip would be (at best) delayed, if not ruined.

Crimes of Fashion

It’s weird. I’ve been out of middle school for nearly two decades, and yet I still remember a lot of the arbitrary fashion ‘rules’ that seemed to govern what my female classmates and I wore in the seventh and eighth grades.

#2017BestNine – #NoFilter

Like any good millennial after a Saturday night out, I was scrolling through Instagram this morning, viewing new posts and rewatching stories from the night before. But today’s a little different because it’s New Years Eve, and those #2017BestNine posts are flooding my feed.

Blue Jean Baby

When I sat down to write this post, I almost didn’t use the Tiny Dancer lyrics above as an intro. Instead, I wanted to use the opening line from the Jason Isbell song Codeine, “If there’s one thing I can’t stand…” because when it comes to shopping for jeans, I CAN’T STAND doing that. So why I spontaneously ended up at Saks Fifth Avenue on a random weekday afternoon to try on denim, I have no explanation, except for the fact that most of my current options are soon needing to be retired. I was borderline desperate.

Blame It on the Boogie

I’ve got bad news, and I’ve got good news. The bad news is that I wanted to share a pair of fabulous Blame It on the Boogie sequin pants with you, and they’re currently out of stock. But don’t worry; the good news has nothing to do with me saving a bunch of money on my car insurance. It’s that I found five alternatives if you want to give the sequin joggers or trousers look a try.

Feathers and Fairy Tales

I’m not a procrastinator, but I am prone to changing my mind at the last minute. I had planned to wear a long navy dress to the Jingle Ball last Wednesday, and then on Tuesday, a short white dress with feathers arrived in the mail. All of a sudden, my plans changed.